Smart Rehabilitation 3.0 Project results

After three years of work, the Smart Rehabilitation 3.0 project has its results published in opensource.

The objective of the Smart Rehabilitation 3.0 Project was to mitigate the mismatch between the educational offer of universities and the needs of the sector. To achieve this, an innovative professional profile of “Building Rehabilitation Expert” has been defined and homogeneous curricula have been created at a European level, supported by educational institutions and organizations in the sector.

To generate this change, it is proposed to incorporate the latest technologies, both in terms of training techniques and tools, as well as knowledge of the most innovative construction materials and systems for rehabilitation. Likewise, the digital world is incorporated in the training stage, with MOOCs, and in the professional stage with the use of Databases for HBIM information management systems.

A document for the creation of the new professional profile of “Building Rehabilitation Expert” has been developed.


Download it here

The Project has created 4 online training courses in MOOC format and has developed two Databases as access tools to technological innovation and rehabilitation interventions. More than 50 collaboration agreements have also been signed between European universities and the rehabilitation sector for the use of the results and to implement quality training, adjusted to the requirements of the sector. All partners are committed to continuing the path started.


Acces to technological innovations in rehabilitation link

Access to innovative architectural interventions in rehabilitation link