Smart Rehabilitation 3.0 is a 30 months long project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union under Key Action 2: Strategic Partnership for Higher Education. The project aims to mitigate and cover the gap between educational offer and the social reality, by defining, a new professional profile of “Rehabilitation Expert” and the creation of homogeneous curricula, validated at European level, for the training of these experts, within the framework of higher education.

Short-term joint staff training in Technological innovation in heritage buildings restoration

From 20th to 24th September 2021
UNIPA, Palermo, Italy

The partners will exchange knowledge and experiences, learning from each other, and debate about how to develop training methodologies and tools on specific topics concerning the technological innovation in heritage buildings restoration. The participants will be selected as experts able to give elements for the debate for the development of intellectual outputs, as extensive research activity carried out between the University of Palermo – Department of Architecture experts.

Contribute to the project



Overcoming the gap between educational offers and the increasing European need of rehabilitation specialists by defining the new professional profile of “Expert in rehabilitation”.


Creating homogeneous curricula for the new profession in the sector of existing building stock on European level.


Improving specialized training and making the construction sector more attractive to young university students, thus responding to the 2020 Construction Strategy.


Anticipating the needs of professional qualification allowing greater transnational mobility using innovative digital tools (BIM).