May 20, 2021News

The Ministry Of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania has prepared an action program, the priority of which is

The Lithuanian Green Course

The program envisages the implementation of 4 projects:

A circular and climate-neutral economy

Sustainable and accessible cities

Protection and sustainable use of natural capital

Society is a partner in the transformation of the green course

The goals of the project “Sustainable and Accessible Cities” are:

  • The first climate-neutral and waste-free Lithuanian city by 2030
  • Until 2030 we will reduce the CO2 footprint of urban areas by a third

The following activities are planned to achieve the objectives:

  • We will breathe clean air in the cities 2021–2024
  • We will enable self-government to create life-friendly cities and towns 2021-2022
  • Renovation wave – 1,000 renovated apartment buildings per year 2021–2024
  • We will replace the viscous construction bureaucracy with innovation and digitalisation 2021– 2024

Tasks of the activity “Renovation wave – 1,000 renovated apartment buildings per year”:

  • to promote the preparation and implementation of multi-apartment house renovation (modernization) projects by providing state support to the owners of multi-family houses, apartments and other premises –  2024;
  • to prepare a plan for the implementation of the long-term building renovation strategy, promoting quarterly renovation initiatives, concentrating investments for the implementation of projects -2021;
  • to create a building renovation competence centre, one-stop-shop coordination of building renovation measures, providing methodological and consulting assistance on building renovation issues – 2022;
  • review and clarify the mechanisms of legal regulation and/or promotion in order to accelerate the conversion of territories and the reconstruction of buildings in them, in accordance with the Bauhaus initiative – 2023.

Prepared according to the information provided by the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania.

Renovation of heritage object- apartment house in Kaunas city, BETA photo (

Author: Rasa Bertasiute