Spain allocates € 5,300 million in aid to Rehabilitation

The promotion of Building Rehabilitation is a pending issue in Spain that requires financial investment to promote it. Currently, the rate of rehabilitation is 30,000 homes a year and by 2023, it should be more than 150,000. For this, the Government will allocate 5,300 million euros in three years, in subsidies of 30% of the budget to the owners.

These grants intend to increase the energy efficiency of half a million homes. The program focus into three axes:

  • Traditional rehabilitation of houses. A community of owners requests the subsidy and proceeds to carry out the work.
  • Urban regeneration works, including common spaces, result of the agreement between communities and city councils. The improvement of energy efficiency, accessibility and social cohesion is also a focal point.
  • Rehabilitation of public buildings of the State Administration and municipalities. Special attention will be paid to buildings for health and educational purposes.

It is estimated that these grants could create around 400,000 jobs, providing a significant boost to the construction sector.


A photo of the project management meeting on september 2020


Author: Xavier Casanovas (RehabiMed)