2nd Resonance group Meeting UPC/RehabiMed

The 2nd Resonance group meeting organized by RehabiMed and the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) has taken place on line, the 10th of March 2021 at 11.00 am, using the Google Meet platform.

Profs. Montserrat Bosch (scientific responsible of the project for UPC) and Xavier Casanovas (president of the RehabiMed Association, project leader), have coordinated the meeting, participating with the professor’s members of the UPC working group and the representatives of various entities in the sector, the administration, and higher education.

During the session, the progress of the SMART Project and the different Intellectual Outputs were presented.

From the meeting, it can be concluded:

  • (IO1) The professional profile and the syllabus of the training are considered adequate.
  • (IO2) The MOOCs proposal is presented. Various attendees consider that the content of the UPC MOOC Accompanied self-renovation. Habitability and safety conditions improvement can be very well received by technicians and professionals linked to city councils or entities dedicated to the rehabilitation of large residential complexes.
  • (IO3 and IO4) Stakeholders made proposals for innovative techniques and materials, which will be taken into consideration. They also offer to collaborate to identify successful and innovative rehabilitation experiences.

An action plan is established to give visibility to the Project from the media and platforms of the entities that participate in the Resonance Group.


Author: Montserrat Bosch Gonzales (UPC)