Preservation of wooden heritage in Lithuania

Wooden cultural heritage objects are an integral part of Lithuanian architectural heritage and one of the most important and fragile results of human cultural activities. Wooden buildings can be renovated and restored while preserving their ethnicity, when improving the thermal properties and tightness of the building and adapting buildings to modern households and convenient use.

One of the few survived wooden buildings in Vilnius, built in the 19th century, with a unique wooden facade ornamentation was chosen as an example of Lithuanian wooden heritage. The Museum of Wooden Urban Architecture will be established in the building after the renovation. There will be an exposition hall, a cafe, and facilities adapted to the activities of the museum. The museum will capture the heritage of Vilnius wooden architecture, will preserve and exhibit valuable parts and elements of Vilnius wooden architecture buildings, will present research of historical wooden Vilnius and introduce the wooden architectural heritage of Vilnius that has survived to this day. The project is expected to end in the 1st quarter of 2021.

Author: Rasa Bertasiute (KTU)