Maintenance of Wooden Architecture

A workshop “Wooden Architectural Heritage of Lithuania from Village to Manor” was held in the ethnoarchitectural village of the Lithuanian People’s Household Museum of The Islands II on the 17-20th of September in 2020. The seminar was dedicated to exploring the craft of traditional, special construction technologies, craftsmanship and restoration of Lithuanian wooden cultural heritage.

It was presented topicalities about the maintenance and management of wooden buildings, heating systems, restoration of windows, doors and other architectural details, as well as the architecture, equipment, customs and traditions of the sauna in the seminar. The workshop focuses on workshops: inspection and evaluation of external and internal elements of buildings, joinery, carpentry, furnace and sauna, restoration of windows, shutters, doors, wood parts of wells and other wooden architectural details, foundation and wall management and others.

Author: Rasa Bertasiute (KTU)