Cultural Heritage festival “HERITAS” in Vilnius, Lithuania

Cultural heritage is our roots, it is our face and identity as a nation. Everything that surrounds us is a cultural heritage, and whether we are talking about architectural monuments, the landscape, or our rich language and customs, it all shapes the identity of our nation and it is up to each of us what it will be like in the future. How we will pass on the cultural heritage to future generations, what we will preserve and what we will unfortunately lose. Cultural heritage attracts with its historical layers that are not easily visible visually – undiscovered, hidden, deep. Only by knowing history, discovering the answers to the questions of why one surface or another currently looks this way and not the other way around; what happened here; when we will understand why today one or another building looks exactly like this. The buildings hide many secrets – you will discover the most incredible stories as you explore. They are all related to the people who built, used and constantly reconstructed that house. Cultural heritage is a very broad concept, closely linked to each of us.

Heritas is a new look at cultural heritage. It is a platform that pools together everybody who is interested in cultural heritage, its conservation and knowledge, everybody who is willing to get a deeper understanding of what we have inherited, who dare to discuss and revive the old for a new life. Heritas is a place to learn and try something new and to get answers to various questions of concern concerning heritage conservation.

September 23rd – 25th, 2021 cultural heritage festival Heritas will take place in Vilnius. It happens once a year, which aims at bringing together professionals from the area of cultural heritage and representatives of the public who are interested in the preservation of cultural heritage and encourages their cooperation and more effective mutual communication.

Author: Rasa Bertasiute (KTU)