Casa Vicens (Barcelona), the first home by Gaudí, opens doors

Casa Vicens is the first masterpiece of Antoni Gaudí and sowed the seeds of later works.
Built between 1883 and 1885 as a summer house for the Vicens family, here he showcased his unparalleled talent. Declared Unesco World Heritage in 2005.

Returning the house, as much as possible, to its original state, as designed by Gaudí in 1883, was the fundamental goal of the restoration project.

The restoration work on Casa Vicens that began in 2015 and finished in March 2017 uncovered original polychrome elements hidden under various layers added over the years. The guidelines for the restoration have been to return the building to its original state with the utmost respect for the home. A multidisciplinary team, made up of architects, artisans, historians, experts on the works of Gaudí, chemists and photographers, among others, helped ratify the preliminary hypotheses.

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Author: Maria Philokyprou (UNICY)

Casa Vicens (Gaudí)