The Olympic Village of Paris 2024 reclassifies an industrial area

The future Paris Olympic Athlete Village 2024, the Universeine project, is located in an industrial area on the banks of the Seine in Saint-Denis. It will consist of reclassifying and transforming an industrial district of 6.4 hectares into an ecological district. The project proposes a 40% reduction in the carbon footprint and emphasizes the reuse of materials, revegetation and the adaptation of housing to climate change. The first works started with the removal of asbestos.

The project, during the Olympic period, will provide 6,000 beds and 33,000 square meters of services and offices to meet the needs of the 14,250 athletes. After the games, it will be transformed into 68,000 square meters of housing, 2,400 meters of shops and services and 56,000 square meters of offices. To do so, the eco-district ask for the rehabilitation and integration of the Maxwell Hall, a former power plant, emblematic of the industrial past of Seine-Saint-Denis.

Author: Xavier Casanovas (RehabiMed)