Thursday 27th October 2022

Salón de actos

Escuela Técnica Superior de Edificación – Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

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The renovation of the building stock is today a driver of economic activity and job creation
throughout Europe. Most of European universities have incorporated rehabilitation into their
core subjects, few have integrated it as a basic pillar and the building sector is lacking a
reasonable number of experts in this field. The NextGenerationUE funds are now showing the
difficulties of not having enough “Building Rehabilitation Experts “ in Europe.

The Conference “Rehabilitation in Europe”, with the presence of leading European
experts, is a unique opportunity to learn about the possibilities that rehabilitation offers to
universities, professionals and generically to the sector to open new fields of work and for


Thursday 27th October 2022

9:00 h

Reception of participants

9:30 h

Presentation of the session

Alfonso COBO. Director of the ETSEM-UPM

Alfredo SANZ. President of CGATE

Xavier CASANOVAS. President of RehabiMed

Jette Leth DJAELUND. Deputy president of AEEBC

10.00 h

Traditional materials for traditional architecture rehabilitation

Hidden beauty of Wooden Architecture. Rasa BERTASIUTE. Technological University of Kaunos.

Lime as a traditional and contemporary material. Joan Ramon ROSELL. RehabiMed.

Innovative materials for rehabilitation. Manfredi SAELI. University of Palermo.

10.45 h

Rehabilitation and social goals

Rehabilitation of refugee housing in Cyprus. Andreas SAVVIDES. University of Cyprus

Best practices in rehabilitation in Sicily. Tiziana CAMPISI. University of Palermo.

Improving living conditions in Raval neighbourhood, Barcelona. Montserrat BOSCH. Polytechnic University
of Catalonia.

Preventive maintenance services. Toni FLORIACH. AEEBC.

11.45 h

Coffee break

12.00 h

Environmental rehabilitation

Sustainable aspects and environmental rehabilitation of vernacular architecture. Maria PHILOKYPROU.
University of Cyprus.

Digital tools for preservation and energy upgrade of heritage buildings. Stavroula THRAVALOU. University
of Cyprus.

The challenges of renovating existing wooden houses into low-energy buildings. Raimondas BLI DŽIUS.
Technological University of Kaunos.

Heritage and Sustainable Development Goals. José Alberto ALONSO. PROSKENE Conservation & Cultural

13.00 h

Presentation of the Smart Rehabilitation 3.0 results

“Building Rehabilitation Expert” as European profile. Xavier CASANOVAS. RehabiMed.

MOOCs as an innovative learning system. Montserrat BOSCH. Polytechnic University of Catalonia.

Databases for rehabilitation innovation. Tiziana CAMPISI. University of Palermo.

14.00 h

End of the session