RehabiMed is working on the preservation of the Raqqa Heritage (Syria).

RehabiMed, together with Heritage for Peace and with funding from the British Council, has launched the cooperation project to strengthen capacities in the sector of preservation and interpretation of Heritage in the city of Raqqa. These actions are being carried out with the support of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria Culture Authority and the Raqqa City Council.

A project to provide tools to face the current post-conflict situation in the city. It is aimed at improving the current administrative and civil society structures and technical capacities. The project includes a holistic and interdisciplinary approach in which cultural heritage must develop harmoniously with social, economic and technical structures. The main objectives of the Project are:

  • Training of local professionals in management and technical aspects for rehabilitation
  • Sensitization of the authorities, the professional sector and the public towards the importance of the preservation of their identity heritage
  • Rehabilitation of three buildings
  • Support in the creation of a local NGO oriented to the preservation and interpretation of heritage
  • Production of a documentary video about heritage today and to value both tangible and intangible heritage

RehabiMed has taken responsibility for the training of professionals (architects, civil engineers, archaeologists, historians …) and for the execution of rehabilitation works. Specifically, during the mission carried out between 20 and 30 November, a course on methodology for urban regeneration and sustainable rehabilitation of buildings was given to more than 30 professionals. It was the beginning of the training of a group of professionals who will be responsible for the rehabilitation of the three buildings that were identified as interesting objectives, given the benefits that they can offer to citizens. The training will have a strong practical component and a permanent follow-up with online meetings throughout the process.

Author: Xavier Casanovas (RehabiMed)