Online Conference: Promoting Europe’s Cultural Heritage and Diversity – Who? How? With Whom?

Next 13th and 14th July 2020, an online conference will focus on recommendations and selection criteria of the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) for the sustainable promotion of cultural heritage by the European Union and its Member States. The expert hearing will present funding programmes and funding criteria for discussion with the aim of increasing the significance of cultural heritage in European policy. Against the background of the current Covid19 Pandemic and the programmes required to revive the economy and culture in Europe, the expert hearing is also of great current importance. In addition to monument and funding experts from all over Europe, representatives of the cultural and creative industries as well as actors in civic efforts to promote monuments will formulate their expectations of an impulse-giving and sustainable public policy for the promotion of monuments.

The “European Quality Principles for EU-funded Interventions with Potential Impact upon Cultural Heritage”, developed by ICOMOS experts, will be the starting point for the necessary debate on the future role of cultural monuments and historic sites for Europe.


For more information visit the website, download the flyer or read the report.


Author: Xavier Casanovas (RehabiMed)