New professional profiles for the rehabilitation of buildings in Spain

The Spanish National Catalog of Professional Qualifications, revised in January 2022, has incorporated new professional profiles related to strategic and highly employable sectors, some of which are aimed at building rehabilitation work.

On the one hand, professionals are clearly identified for the application of thermal, acoustic and protection systems against fire or radon gas, in order to improve the quality of these tasks essential for the energy efficiency of buildings and the prevention of accidents or pollution related to an element as dangerous as radon.

Another professional who has become essential in all Rehabilitation work are those who do conservation and maintenance work at height, as it is necessary to prevent the risks related to the use of this technique (such as the risk of falling from a height, rescue techniques, handling of loads and falling materials, and ergonomic risks arising from forced postures).

They also present professionals of installation and maintenance of air conditioning ducts, ventilation-extraction, fire protection, water treatment, waste management or pest control services, so common in the problem related to degradation of wooden elements.

Author: Xavier Casanovas (RehabiMed)