The Museum of Wooden City Architecture in Vilnius, Lithuania

After two years of renovation work, an old wooden house In Vilnius is already pleasing to the outside, and will soon invite people to visit – the Museum of Wooden City Architecture will open its doors here.

Prior to the restoration, several families lived in it, and one apartment belonged to the municipality. When the municipality bought out the apartments from their owners, the whole building became the property of the municipality.

Before starting the reconstruction of the house, it was necessary to assess its condition.  After cleaning the interior and starting demolition of the structure, building specialists noticed that there were valuable elements inside the house. A double ceiling of wooden beams and polychromy of walls more than a hundred years old (ornamental wall painting) were found.

After renovating this wooden house, the public saw the beauty and value of wooden architecture. More and more wooden homeowners are starting to take an interest in renovation options. This is a successful start. We hope to preserve more original authentic wooden houses.

2022 May 18 The new space for the promotion of culture, meetings and wooden architecture in Vilnius, a division of the Vilnius Memorial Museum Directorate, will open its doors to visitors.

On the occasion of the International Day, we invite you to see the reconstructed museum building and a new exposition, present the heritage of wooden architecture in Vilnius, the traditional and new technologies of wooden building and to find becoming modern wooden architecture.

On the opening day, visitors will have a unique opportunity to see the inside exposition and reconstructed building, accompanied by the people who created the museum.


  • The ribbon-cutting ceremony and the opening of the Museum of Wooden City Architecture.
  • Excursions around the museum with the authors of the exposition concept and design projects.
  • Excursion around the museum with MMAM museologists.
  • Meeting and visit to the museum with the authors of the building management projects.
  • Meeting and visit to the museum with craftsmen who made restoration works.,