Smart Rehabilitation MOOCs in the field of rehabilitation and restoration in the making

In the last couple of months, project partners have been busy with the four MOOCs that are foreseen by the project. They are developed by the four Partner and will address the following educational areas:

  • “Wooden-built heritage as a renewable resource for local development,”
  • Accompanied self-renovation. Habitability and safety conditions improvement.”,
  • “Conservation and environmental sustainability of vernacular architecture” as well as
  • “Approaches, techniques, and interventions for the rehabilitation/ restoration of architectural heritage.”

The courses are addressed to students and professionals in rehabilitation and restauration, who want to deepen their knowledge on these specific fields. They will be available by the end of spring 2021.

In parallel, Partners are working on the Digital Library, containing two different databases: One on “Technological Innovations for rehabilitation” and the other regarding “Innovative Architectural Intervention in rehabilitation.”

You can find further information on the MOOCs and Digital Library in the related webpages.

Author: Paula Luise Goltzsche (CESIE)