Article “Links for a common cultural identity in the Mediterranean Basin”

In the Vol 10 (2021) called LINKS | Physical, Virtual, Digital of AGATHON, international journal of Architecture, Art and Design was published an article written by Montserrat Bosch González & Tiziana Campisi titled “Links for a common cultural identity in the Mediterranean Basin”.

The paper wants to put the attention the exchange of knowledge, the sharing, the discussion and finally the reflection about the different realities of Mediterranean cities as Palermo and Barcelona, sharing a common history and also an uncertain future, also comparing the reality of the Algerian city of Skikda. In addition, it had been the occasion to to share some thoughts about the need to re-appropriate a direct communication between cultures, especially after the pandemic period, as a way of restoring one of the specific symbols of the Mediterranean, the importance to regain the face-to-face intercommunication as a symbolism of Mediterranean cultures.

Well beyond the tangible physical connections, it was possible to associate also the Smart Rehabilitation 3.0 project, sharing the creation of a professional profile in Building Rehabilitation Expert (BRE), who can train even today technicians capable of recovering the historic Mediterranean city, with its identity and its belonging to the Mediterranean Sea that really unites and connects.

The Smart Rehabilitation 3.0 project is appropriately framed in the current context of a society in transformation due to climate change, demographic imbalances, migratory pressures and, recently, also to the Covid-19 pandemic, becoming an essential part of the EU educational strategy, supporting inclusion and diversity, digital links and transformation.

Author: Tiziana Campisi (UNIPA)