International Course on Intervention in Architectural Heritage

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The XLIII International Course on Intervention in Architectural Heritage, organized by the Association of Architects for the Defence and Intervention in Architectural Heritage(AADIPA), has been held from last December 2020, in Barcelona, Spain, as a group of architects and other professionals whose aim is to uphold, protect, research and disseminate information on architectural heritage 

This year’s edition, directed by the architect Olga Correa Sala, was entitled “Industrial Landscapes”. As a novelty, the conference was in virtual format and could be followed live through the Microsoft Teams platform.

The industrial heritage arouses the interest of preserving it as a historical witness, as a collective memory and as a set of buildings and spaces of its own, as long as it is given an architectural, urban, landscape and social value. The interest comes from the associative fabric, the academic bodies and the Administration, as it means a cultural heritage that links us to our ancestors, and gives us identity and roots.

The aim of the conference was to establish different tools for the knowledge, dissemination, protection, rehabilitation, use, conservation and maintenance of the industrial landscape and its architectural heritage, as well as to propose uses and activities in accordance with their function and initial use, such as technology, research, creation, business incubators …



Author: Montserrat Bosch (UPC)