Innovative BIM tools for fast and efficient building rehabilitation

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BIM4Ren is a H2020 four years European project started at 2018 to develop a set of tools for all rehabilitation process. The Project starts from three workflows adapted to the construction sector requirements to provide adequate and innovative processes, methodologies, software and hardware tools and BIM developments for each one of them.

At a time when the construction sector has a major responsibility to reduce energy consumption in existing building stock, BIM can help to clarify processes, innovating to reduce costs, developing smart solutions and streamline processes. Today, BIM is key to address the construction sector growing technical complexity, to overcome processes fragmentation and communication problems between stakeholders, involving, architects, engineers, developers, contractors and owners.

BIM4Ren is a project working to provide innovative & accessible BIM tools for all the building rehabilitation value chain, Inspired by the Open Innovation 2.0 paradigm the project setup a demonstration campaign with “Living Labs” in Paris, San Sebastian and Venice. The results will be a good reference for Smarts Rehabilitation 3.0 Project.

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Author: Xavier Casanovas (RehabiMed)