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Open proposal
to Institutions, organizations and companies concerned

Smart Rehabilitation 3.0 has been conceived as a “formative” tool supported by “informative” content (technical-descriptive) to facilitate to the professional the knowledge of the different options of products and technologies to be applied in their rehabilitation and restoration projects and interventions.

That is why, since the beginning and for the success of the proposal, we look for the collaboration and support of the institutions, organizations and companies in the respective sector, allowing us to integrate the results of their experience, research and innovation and joining the search for excellence by rehabilitation professionals.

Institutions, organizations and companies can participate during the initial period of development of the project (2021 and 2022). On the one hand, they are invited to share the objectives of the project and be incorporated into its structure and participate in its evolution, contributing ideas, knowledge, strategies, and ultimately, establishing synergies. Also, the agents of the sector who consider that they can add value (in services or products) to the rehabilitation and restoration, may choose to take advantage of the tool to pass it on to their current and future users, through constructive solutions and good practices.

Working together with institutions, organizations and companies, will allow us to nurture the platform with those specialized content that provide it with greater value, due to its innovative training methodology, and the scientific and technological innovation of its content. With the incorporation of their own content, the agents of the sector are able to promote leadership, give prestige to their products and guarantee permanent dissemination.

Companies involved in the development of the project