The 5th BRAU Biennial on Architectural and Urban Restoration is streaming online

The Conference BRAU 05 is an international and interdisciplinary cultural event that will take place in 4 continents. Live streaming is available and open to the public.  The special thematic area of BRAU 05 is the “Charm of the Decay”. The event will take place from 15th to 30th April, hosting presentations from Brazil, Cyprus, Italy, Syria, Egypt and Greece.  Keynote speakers from experts in the field in each country will be hosted, along with presentations in the following subjects:

        • Permanent maintenance of small historic towns;
        • Restoration of Monumental Complexes;
        • Strategies for the reappropriation of abandoned buildings located in urban and extra-urban areas; industrial archeology;
        • Interventions on the modern architectural heritage.

The four themes of BRAU deal with cultural aspects and their economic and social implications.


Author: Maria Philokyprou (UNICY)